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The initiative has taken body from a group of friends, gets passionate of environmental and cultural thematic, coming from various associative and personal experiences, joined from the will to be confronted with new thematic and to make new experiences.

The association has, like scopes, to defend, to value and to promote the characteristics of the environment, of the traditional culture, of the typical products and of the traces left from the man on the territory. The activity is developed within the territories of the Garfagnana, of the Apuane Alps, of the Appennino Mountains and of the valley of the Serchio River.

The association has a multidisciplinary character, dealing of environment, history, searches in natural and artificial cavities, mineralogy, traditional and industrial archaeology, valorisation of typical products and workings, popular traditions and legends, tourist valorisation of the territory, realization of thematic routes.

The activity is implemented through plans, introduced and developed from "team" of associates, with one responsible, within the scopes of the association, preventively approved and constantly supervised from the Directive Council.

To become an associate it is necessary to fill a written form submitted to the acceptance from the Directive Council. Some plans, due to the necessity of long times of completion, are realized for partial objects.

To the aim to diffuse the acquaintance of our territory, the acquired experiences will be disclosed through public initiatives, written contributions, banns, didactic journeys, conferences etc.

The association, aware that numerous experiences, in some fields of interest, are already pursued from other associations or single gets passionate, auspices an effective collaboration with all the other interested subjects, inviting them to contact us to our email.

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